LMI Data: Local Employment Dynamics

The following applications using LED data are being continuously developed and refined:
  • QWI Explorer - This web-based analysis tool allows users to view the Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) dataset through interactive charts, maps, and tables.  Using the QWI Explorer, users can compare QWIs based on time, geography, industry, firm ownership, firm age/size, and worker characteristics.

  • LED Extraction Tool - This tool provides download access to the raw data produced through the Local Employment Dynamics (LED) Program, including the entire Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) dataset.  A simple, query-building interface allows users to select the data they need and create comma-separated value (CSV) files and/or zipped files that can be downloaded.

  • OntheMap - An interactive mapping application that shows in high definition where people live and where they work.

  • OntheMap Download Files - Download all of the files used in the OnTheMap application.

For more information on the Local Employment Dynamics program, please visit the official page at: http://lehd.ces.census.gov.

Local Employment Dynamics