Resource Library: Acronyms

ACINet America's Career Info Net
ACS American Community Survey
AJB America's Job Bank
ALMIS America's Labor Market Information System
BEA US Bureau of Economic Analysis
BLS US Bureau of Labor Statistics
CES Current Employment Statistics
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPS Current Population Survey
DOL Department of Labor
DOT Dictionary of Occupational Titles
EIN Employer Identification Number
ES Employment Security
ETA US Employment and Training Administration
FIPS Federal Information Processing System
FIRE Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Industries
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GIS Geographic Information System
GNP Gross National Product
LAUS Local Area Unemployment Statistics
LED Local Employment Dynamics
LMA Labor Market Area
LMI Labor Market Information
MLS Mass Layoff Statistics
MSA Metropolitan Statistical Area
NAICS North American Industrial Classification System
OES Occupational Employment Statistics
OOH Occupational Outlook Handbook
OOQ Occupational Outlook Quarterly
O*Net Occupational Information Network
PDC Planning District Commissions
PPI Producer Price Index
SDC State Data Center
SESA State Employment Security Agency
SIC Standard Industrial Classification
SOC Standard Occupational Classification
TCPU Transportation, Communications, and Public Utilities
UC Unemployment Compensation
UI Unemployment Insurance
WIA Workforce Investment Act of 1998
WIB Workforce Investment Board
WID Workforce Information Database

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